Chick Lit Cafe Reviews Broken Monarch

Tom Schneider’s dark suspense novel, Broken Monarch: MK-Ultra Assassination Thriller, follows its main character as he tries to reconstruct his past.

Set in 1979, the work features a death-dealing project formed to create sleeper assassins. The Monarch Project consists of an elite group of individuals whose aim is to control the world. The victims of the project experience ghastly mental, emotional and physical torture that breaks them and ultimately facilitates mind control. Glenn, a victim of the project, is a chef at a high-class restaurant between Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Everything appears normal but his constant flashbacks and the upcoming First Lady’s visit makes him restless. A woman’s image also constantly appears in his thoughts. As everything becomes more mysterious, Glenn is forced to try and separate fact from fiction.

The work is underscored by music whose lyrics punctuate the events in the book. In the novel, as Glenn tries to recall events in his past, he heads to a casino where Gary Wright’s song, Dreamweaver, is playing in the background. The inclusion of music in the work creates a link between the fictional story and the real world making the overall work appear real, and extremely well written.

The plot is well organized. At the beginning of each chapter, the date in which the events in the section occur is included. This makes following and navigating the work effortless.The events in the book also happen close to each other which connects different scenes and gives the plot its continuity. The work is swift and leaves out extra details while only including information that moves the work forward. Since it is also shrouded in mystery, the fast pace heightens anticipation of what might happen next. The opening scene features a secret conversation followed by the burning of a boat as a man walks away from the scene. From the beginning, the work is gripping and only until later do explanations start to emerge.

The conflict in the book is well developed. Glenn tries to untangle himself from the project while connecting bits and pieces about his past. He faces a daunting and merciless antagonist, a powerful project whose grasp extends beyond the country’s borders and which can reach any part of the world. His chance of stopping the group appears next to impossible.

Full of suspense and containing palpable actionBroken Monarch: MK-Ultra Assassination Thriller is a page-turner. Author, Tom Schneider has cleverly and skillfully created a must read story with well-developed characters, a fascinating storyline and an original plot filled with creativity, expectancy and intensity.

Reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café

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