SPR Reviews Hollywood Sacrifice

"Continuing his Broken Monarch saga, Tom Schneider has unleashed Hollywood Sacrifice, a non-stop ride through reckless romance and vicious assassins with the lights of Hollywood for a blood-soaked background. Schneider breathes hard-boiled noir, and the novel oozes with classic charm. While the dialogue of this brief romp sometimes fizzles, Schneider knows exactly how to tantalize readers with suspense. For a quick and engrossing escape, Hollywood Sacrifice is a seamy and smart new addition to the Broken Monarch series." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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Tom Schneider
Chick Lit Cafe Reviews Broken Monarch

Set in 1979, the work features a death-dealing project formed to create sleeper assassins. The Monarch Project consists of an elite group of individuals whose aim is to control the world. The victims of the project experience ghastly mental, emotional and physical torture that breaks them and ultimately facilitates mind control. Glenn, a victim of the project, is a chef at a high-class restaurant between Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Everything appears normal but his constant flashbacks and the upcoming First Lady’s visit makes him restless. A woman’s image also constantly appears in his thoughts. As everything becomes more mysterious, Glenn is forced to try and separate fact from fiction.

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